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3 Steps for Growth

We should always want to do better. Whether it is be a better parent, a better Christian, a better Bible student or even a better athlete, there are some proven steps that we can take to ensure growth.

#1 GO (Just Show Up)

This step might be the simplest but also the most challenging. To grow we must commit our time. If we want to grow in our Church involvement, we should show up to church…a lot! If we want to be better at parenting, we should study materials about parenting, if we want to know more Bible we should go to Bible study, if we want to get better at running, we need to go on runs.

#2 Think (Take time to Meditate)

After “going” to the gym you most likely have your thoughts directed to the workouts you did and what you thought worked and what you thought didn’t. After attending a Church event you will probably be thinking about what went on or what was said. This time spent “thinking” will give you opportunity to digest what you learned and even set goals for what you want to put into practice. If you participated in a time of Bible study, in the hours following you can dwell upon what you learned.

#3 Do (Make Positive Changes)

You went to small group gathering, afterwards you thought about the conversations and the questions that were asked. The solutions presented from Scripture made sense, so now you put them into practice (ie. You “DO” something). If I keep showing up to Jiu-Jitsu class, afterwards I will spend time thinking about the techniques I attempted, what I learned and how I can improve. After this time of meditation, I can go to another class and attempt to put into practice what I learned and contemplated. This is how growth happens.

Growth is a challenge, but hopefully it is something to which we all aspire. If we can follow these 3 steps (GO, THINK, DO) growth will happen. Be intentional, follow these steps and experience the growth that takes place.

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