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Little Wins

“Most people look at the finish line when they find themselves in the middle of a goal. This is natural. A lot of our motivational literature teaches this approach. “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” “Your past doesn’t define your future,” we’re told. But there is danger in over focusing on the finish line. When you do, you lose the power of seeing how far you’ve come.” (John Acuff).

In all aspects of life, perfectionism is the enemy of getting stuff done. The future belongs to finishers (Hebrews 12:1-2). We cannot get bogged down in the “what if it doesn’t work” mindset. Instead we need to embrace an “I can do it” spirit while putting together various systems to help us get things done. We can also create momentum when it comes to finishing tasks, by setting micro goals or easy to reach goals. Once you finish one thing it is easier to finish the next.

As Christians, our goal is to “be like Jesus”…it is a great goal, but an unreachable one. Jesus was perfect, but we will never be. We can, however, become more like Jesus every hour of everyday. Don’t get discouraged at the giant goal of “being just like Jesus” but look back at how far you come, and how much more you are like Jesus now than you were just a few years ago.

You can do it, don’t get distracted because you are not “perfect”, but instead get motivated, because everyday you are a little bit more like Him! Set up systems in your life to make little improvements along the way and you will find that those little improvements turn into big ones. All these little “wins” will one day culminate into the big win of spending eternity with the One you have been living for!

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