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Creativity and Beauty

How does one explain why humans have an appreciation for beauty?

Not, beauty as in physical attractiveness, but beauty found in the arts or even in nature. No other creature besides man can become emotionally moved by a desert sunset or a mountain waterfall. An animal does not stop to contemplate his insignificance or significance when atop Yosemite’s Half Dome. Humans have a desire to create and can appreciate a beautiful creation.

Our imagination allows us to see a beautiful sculpture within a block of clay or an amazing painting on a blank canvas. No other creature can imagine “what will become” or “what can be”.

If God is the ultimate imaginative, artistic, Creator,...perhaps it is being made “in His image” that allows us to create and appreciate beauty. God did not have to bless us with this ability, but He did, and in this ability we get to appreciate more about what makes God…God.

“So God created man in his own image...” (Genesis 1:27)

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